TPT Bonder
Microscopes and Cameras

TPT Bonder
Microscopes and Cameras

Leica S9E

stereo microscope
astonishing lens quality

The S9 microscopes feature outstanding optical quality and FusionOptics technology for a three times greater depth of field.

H89 Video-System


Combined with a Leica S9D, our H89 video target system consists of our H84 Highres TFT screen, the H85 Hitachi video camera, and the H87 crosshair generator.

Leica S9D

Stereo microscope
with connection
for external camera

astonishing In addition to excellent optics and the unique `Fusion Optics Technology` from Leica, microscopes also have a connection for an external camera.
This gives the possibility to play out an image on an HDMI monitor or to record directly the results of your application.

Ring Light

for Leica

This extra bright and low heat developing LED light fits the Leica microscopes S9E and S9D.

Nikon SMZ-460

Nikon stereoscopic zoom microscope SMZ-460

We offer the Nikon microscope together with our HB100 bonder.
Porro prisms enable a lightweight, compact design.
The rather small SMZ-460 can be moved out of your field of view if necessary single-handedly.

H88 USB Camera

Sideview Camera including Holder

For a better overview and control, we deliver with our bonders an additional HDMI camera.


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